Gallea is an independent world located inside Sian space.


Gallea is a monarchy ruled by King Salastro. Gallea's queen passed some time ago and since then the king has been pouring resources from the treasury to satisfy Prince Telemachus' interest in the battle mechs and machines of TALOS.


Gallea has cultural ties to the Sian Empire.

Armed forcesEdit

Gallea's armed forces put up great resistance to the Centurian attack. The soldiers wear orange uniforms and like the Sian use green laser beams. The Palace is defended by an array of anti-air laser turrets.


  • Relentless Hawk Fighter

Galactic AffairsEdit

The world of Gallea has had trade relations with both TALOS and the Sian Empire, being on better terms with TALOS. They are, unlike the Sian Empire, interested in using the mechs and battle bots of TALOS for the planet's defense.