Niflung Storm is the Niflung thugby team captianed by Sven 'Thor' Thorsen. Their fan base is largely or was largely made up of Human Supremacist who were outraged when the team introduced the Piscarian 'Cannon Arm' Kulgwp until a fan summit was held and Kulgwp in a Niflung manner challanged those disapproving of his possition. He commenced to beat his challangers in a convincing manner solitifying his possition in a way that was amicable to the Niflung. Nothing unites the Niflung like a good battle and a spirit of goodwill soon followed. The teams head coach is a war hero and it is a well exstablished fact that he can arrange his players to recieve hand-to-hand combat training from beserkers, werewolves, and other fearsome soldiers.

Team RoasterEdit

  • Sven 'Thor' Thorsen (Team Captian)
  • 'Cannon Arm' Kulgwp
  • Valkra 'the Valkyrie'

Team EquipmentEdit