The Plerna Pirates is or was a football team captianed by Eddie Blizz. The team was going through a hard time after the media belted them with charges of using illegal chems to improve their proformance and win a hard played championship match.

"Illegal chems, that's crap. You media douchebags need to stop lissioning to every garbage rumor you hear on the net! We won the championship though hard training, good... good clean... clean... living... and... Blarrrggh!"

Interview with Plena Pirates captian Eddie Blizz before his chemical filled projectile vomit erroded the reporters face. Eddie's lawyers insure us that Eddie had just eaten a donner Kabab that disagreed with him. In a more drastic case one of the teams star players, Mike MacLeod, was arrested on eight charges of murder when the his uniform was found with the DNA and mangled bodies of eight registered prostotutes. MacLeod would latter be welcomed as a member of the Warlords of Mars.

Team RoasterEdit

  • George 'Gut Ripper' Harris (Former Quarterback)
  • Eddie Blizz (Captian)
  • Mike MacLoed (Former Star Player, now a Thugby player)