TALOS, formally known as The Alliance of Lambda Omicron Systems is a human system known for its robotic production. It holds representation in the UHW Assembly though the majority of human space is wary of them and their 'machines'.


TALOS is governed by the Grand Fabricator Marek. Worlds controlled by TALOS are ran by an Administrator known as the Chief Assembler.


Unlike the majority of humanity, the TALOS populace in general are highly enthusiastic about robotics, with their citizens eager to study the many fields of robotics, with the hopes of becoming an Assembler.

Armed ForcesEdit

TALOS primarily employs mechanical soldiers and war machines in its armed forces. The TALOS Battle-Bots are the backbone of this army's infantry force. Their targeting computers give them excellent accuracy.



  • TALOS Body Armor


  • Phasing Laser
  • TALOS Robo-Sniper Rifle


  • Computer Targeting Snowball
  • Eggnog Plus Systems
  • Holostockings


  • Talos


Galactic AffiarsEdit

TALOS has had frosty relations with the Sian Empire and the majority of human space due to mankind's distrust of sentient machines. The Centurian Collective was adamantly against the inclusion of TALOS in the UHW Assembly.


  • TALOS produces battle mechs.
  • The Chief Assembler of Capek Major is Wilex.