Space pirates are criminals who, similar to their contemporary counterparts, roam the galaxy, plundering and destroying as they amass wealth. There is know to be several individual groups at any given time and their allegiances are not always certain.


Space pirates tend to be rather flamboyant in their attire, sporting flashy, yet deceptively functional raiments. They are frequently copied by cosplay enthusiasts. A standard set of space pirate equipment might include the masquerade styled, concealing, Space Pirate Mask, as well as the high collared Space Pirate Raiment. Space Pirate Braclets ,though appearing to be mere jewlery, often conceal shields, communicators, and other devices. Space Pirate Leggings often has various Gadget Pouches that conceal many lethal and useful devices as well. Their boots use holographic projectors to make it seem as if their legs are blurred and moving at exceptional speeds. They have been known to occasionally take clothing from cosplay enthusiasts, which tends to be an entertaining and benificial event for both parties.


Space Pirates employ various weapons, though they generally prefer a melee weapon paired with a loud sidearm  such as the Thug Corp. Slugger which produces a loud and obnoxious noise that adds to their presence and allows them to gather much needed attention from a fearful and chaotic crowd or band of unruly crewmen in need of order.


Space pirates employ the tactic "Space Raiders" which allow them to steal what ever is not bolted down and escape before additional opponents can arrive.


Most pirates prefer ships with a proper bridge and powerful engines as well as great maneuverablity. This makes the Star-Threader a popular choice.

Total Build BonusEdit

Atk: 92 from Space Pirate Outfit alone.

Def: 108 from Space Pirate Outfit alone.

Max Energy Increased by 5 points.

Tactic: Space Raiders - Each attack by any raid member has a chance to double the amount of credits received.