80px-LotS Thunderbolt

Main Hand


Attack: 12

Defense: 7

Completion Reward after First: 2 Defense Points

Part Name of part Number used Obtained by

80px-LotS AK-47000


Attack: 2
Defense: 0

1 Munitions Factory level 1
80px-LotS Enhanced Powerpack Enhanced Powerpack 1 Supreme Cybertollahs raid - Common Drop

Centurian Cruiser raid - Common Drop

Commander Rautha Raid - Common Drop

Centurian General (Rahn) - Common Drop

Centurian Void Killer - Common Drop

80px-LotS Modulator Barrel Modulator Barrel 1 Supreme Cybertollahs raid - Epic Drop

Centurian Cruiser Raid - Epic Drop

Commander Rautha Raid - Epic Drop

Centurian General (Rahn) - Epic Drop

Centurian Void Killer - Epic Drop

80px-LotS Multispectral Scope Multispectral Scope 1 Supreme Cybertollahs raid - Rare Drop

Centurian Cruiser Raid - Rare Drop

Commander Rautha Raid - Rare Drop

Centurian General (Rahn) - Rare Drop

Centurian Void Killer - Rare Drop

80px-LotS Stabilizer Stabilizer 1 Supreme Cybertollahs raid - Uncommon Drop

Centurian Cruiser Raid - Uncommon Drop

Commander Rautha Raid - Uncommon Drop

Centurian General (Rahn) Raid - Uncommon Drop

Centurian Void Killer - Uncommon Drop

You can also get all the items apart from the AK-47000 from gifts.